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I Timothy 3:15

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Charles Spurgeon


In our day of compromise, we see many Baptists, so-called Baptists, saying the name Baptist is not important.

If it’s not, why is our history full of Baptists? If it’s not important, why did God call John, “The Baptist”?

Take away the name Baptist, and you take away history.

Multitudes died because they were Baptist, not members of some no-name church.

The name Baptist tells the world who we are and what we believe.

If there was ever a time that Baptists needed to know their history, or where they came from, it's today.

Secular history would have us believe we  Baptists came out of the Reformation.

Sadly, to say that the average contemporary Baptist is ignorant concerning our heritage is likely a gross understatement.

In the words of the prophet Jeremiah— "Ask for the old paths, where is the good way.”

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December 2014

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Baptists and the Order

of the Primitive Church

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We Have No Right to Change

The Ordinance of Baptism

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November 2014

The Mediatorial Office of Christ

Matthias Servaes of Kottenem (1565 A.D.)

The Birth of John the Baptist

The Christian Ministry

Must We Continue to Repeat

the Mistakes of the Past?

How to be a Baptist

October 2014

A Criticism of Progressive Theology

The Blind Men at Jericho

Psychology and End Times Mysticism

The New Testament Way - It Still Works!

The Sin of Gambling

September 2014

The Person of Jesus Christ

All Men Are Under the

Just Condemnation of God

Baptists and the Equality

of Christ’s Disciples

Blood Before Water

Every Bible-Believing Baptist

Should Belong to an Independent

Baptist Church

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